CHI’s Center for Clinical Research coordinates clinical trials across CHI, making leading-edge treatments available in the communities we serve.

An estimated 85% of U.S. cancer patients are diagnosed at their local community hospitals, but many must leave their communities in order to seek and receive the most advanced treatment. CHI seeks to change this by providing patients with access to clinical trials closer to their homes.

Patients at CHI cancer treatment centers have participated in a wide array of cancer clinical trials, benefiting from leading-edge research. These trials are sponsored by organizations such as the National Cancer Institute, pharmaceutical makers, and academic research centers. CHI cancer centers can also offer patients the opportunity to participate in cancer prevention, cancer control and quality of life studies. These trials offer patients evidence-based care and the latest advances in treatment.

Some of our cancer centers also participate in the National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Program (NCORP). 

Vickie Warford

 A patient at Penrose Cancer Center, Colorado Springs, CO, Vickie Warford talks about what it’s like to be in a cancer clinical trial.


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