The epidemic of violence in America is killing tens of thousands of people each year, destroying families and tearing apart entire communities.

Since 2008, our United Against Violence initiative has heightened CHI’s commitment to building healthy communities through the prevention of violence.

This work is having a positive effect in communities across our health care system. Recent examples include:

  • In Roseburg, OR, Up2UsNow is a teen coalition working to prevent child abuse through education and awareness. The Youth Media Project provides a media venue for the teens to deliver their message, as they create, direct and edit their own short educational videos and public service announcements. Follow them on Facebook and YouTube and see their powerful message against child abuse.
  • In Louisville, KY, PACT in Action is a coalition of teens from the Park, Algonquin and California neighborhoods who have come together to prevent dating violence. This vibrant community of youth have self-directed an education and awareness campaign for their peers, schools and communities to help youth stand up to dating violence and make healthy relationship choices. See their Twitter feed, their YouTube channel, and their Facebook page.
  • In London, KY, St. Joseph’s Hospital is preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome. Recognizing that the hospital is the first point of contact between new parents and newborn children, St. Jo’s decided there was a captive audience to engage in this syndrome’s prevention. The campaign has worked so well that the volunteers at St. Joseph have purchased two Shaken Baby Simulators to aid in parent and care-giver education. Now the hospital takes their education outside the hospital as well, visiting and teaching at child-care centers in their community.
  • St. Joseph's Area Health Services (SJAHS), Park Rapids, MN, and their community coalition want to stop relational aggression experienced by youth and their families - and they have approached the problem through plentiful and passionate initiatives. Through their Father Project, they are engaging fathers in the family and educating families about healthy relationships. Through Growing Great Children, they are mentoring at-risk youth and making home visits to create happier, healthier homes. And with the full support of CEO Ben Koppelman, they have launched an initiative to engage parents in smart, healthy media choices for kids.