Advancing Research as an Enterprise Capability

CIRI Clinical Research Data Management supports CHI as a learning healthcare organization to empower knowledge that translates to advanced capabilities in evidence-based care, personalized medicine, population health, and clinical quality and value.

CIRI represents a unique, embedded approach to advance clinical medicine across CHI, setting the stage for our providers and our communities to progress into the Next Era. Community-based healthcare systems like CHI can effect real change by leveraging information and data analytics to apply evidence in real world settings. A sustainable clinical data infrastructure supports full participation in our nation’s collective enterprise for advancing clinical medicine and biomedical innovation.

The CIRI Data Repository is a new resource that harnesses organizational healthcare data (including data from electronic health records and operations) and provides a new framework for the development and management of clinical research. The Repository is a hybrid data model based on industry best practices that integrates and standardizes patient, provider, utilization (encounters and associated diagnostics and procedures), laboratory, clinical vitals, medical history, and social determinates across a multitude of disparate data sources both within and external to CHI.

  • The Repository is a super modelmanifested from combining the data frameworks of the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) Virtual Data Warehouse, the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership, the FDA Mini-Sentinel Common Data Model, and Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2b2).
  • The Repository is specifically designed to support outcomes research for clinical trials, observational studies and integrated care, as well as health economic analyses and innovations in quality and delivery.

Our strategy includes not only the development of the dedicated data capabilities of the CIRI Data Repository, but also the advancement of research systems and development of processes to guide analytics-based and analytics-enabled research and innovation endeavors.

Our core philosophy is to support an open and facilitative network which has no “wrong door” for interested community or national partners to initiate conversations.

CIRI Clinical Research Data Management: 
Part of a Greater Vision for Research and Innovation

CIRI provides a national platform for the coordination of research and innovation across CHI’s nationwide system of hospitals, ambulatory facilities, residential and home care services, aligned clinicians and research staff, and academic medical center partners. Through CIRI, the experience and resources of the entire system are leveraged to position CHI as a national laboratory for the exploration and testing of new technologies, products and services that have the potential to transform healthcare delivery.

Electronic medical records have sparked a revolution in healthcare and offer significant promise in generating new knowledge; however, effective use of this new data resource is essential. Learning healthcare organizations like CHI seek to generate and transfer knowledge from every patient interaction to support continuous improvement, value and science-driven healthcare.

The CIRI Clinical Research Data Management team is building processes to enable partnerships with internal, academic and external organizations and thus leverage broad expertise. In turn, this facilitates broader participation of CHI communities in contributing to our nation’s collective enterprise for advancing clinical medicine and biomedical innovation.