Patients who have cancer can be faced with a bewildering array of information. Even when a detailed care plan is in place, the plan may seem like a maze of different appointments, treatments and providers.

At CHI’s cancer centers, patients and their families don’t have to navigate the maze alone – they can receive personalized assistance and support from trained nurse navigators. Nurse navigators will help a cancer patient:

  • Understand their diagnosis and treatment options
  • Make decisions about their care
  • Coordinate medical appointments
  • Mitigate treatment side effects
  • Work out insurance issues
  • Communicate personal and cultural preferences
  • Overcome fears and uncertainties
  • Transition into survivorship

The navigator is an essential member of a patient’s multidisciplinary care team, and also serves as a patient’s champion and consistent point of contact, information, assistance and support. Navigators are often able to decrease the time between a patient’s abnormal test result and a diagnosis; and from diagnosis to the start of treatment.