Healthier Hospital Initiative

In 2012, CHI made a commitment to one of the most important movements in health care - the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI). HHI was a nation-wide campaign to increase environmental health and sustainability within the health care sector. With hospitals being among the chief contributors to pollution and waste, CHI made a significant commitment to reducing negative impact, becoming a founding sponsor for the initiative. In conjunction with 11 other sponsoring health systems and three nonprofits dedicated to greening the health care sector (Health Care Without Harm, Practice Greenhealth, and Center for Health Design), HHI was launched in 2012 with a three-year goal for improvement. Because of the commitment from the sponsoring organizations, resources were shared nation-wide, available to any hospital wishing to participate. The initiative concluded in May, and impressive collective results have been shared in the 2014 Milestone Report.

CHI accepted three of the six challenges for hospitals – Leaner Energy, Engaged Leadership and Healthier Food – making great strides in each challenge. Now, CHI will continue this important work, as well as devote time and attention to reducing waste, smarter purchasing and the use of safer chemicals. The materials and resources from the HHI initiative will remain available through Practice Greenhealth for any hospital wanting to increase and improve sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The scope and nature of this work aligns with CHI's commitment to environmental stewardship and the creation of healthy communities.  In revering the environment, we care for those most vulnerable among us, those who are most affected by negative issues around waste, air, water, climate, food and energy.

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CHI Accepted Three Challenges

Within the HHI challenges, CHI adopted and made significant progress on three – Leaner Energy, Engaged Leadership and Healthier Food. CHI will continue its work in these areas as well as within the remaining three areas. HHI’s six challenges:

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Listen To the White House Discussion on the Healthier Hospitals Initiative

The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) hosted a discussion on "Greening America's Hospitals" highlighting the importance of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative.  Visit the White House's YouTube channel to listen to a recording of the event!

HHI Founding Organizations

The HHI Initiative was formed from the partnership of three organizations with similar environmental purpose in health care.  To learn more about the organizations, visit their websites below:

Practice Greenhealth

Health Care Without Harm

The Center for Health Design

HHI Sponsoring Systems

See the list of health systems sponsoring HHI:

HHI Sponsoring Organizations