Working together, United Against Violence, we can make a difference in the struggle against one of the nation’s most critical public health concerns.

Violence.  It’s an epidemic that kills tens of thousands of people in the U.S. each year and injures millions more. It is a plague that destroys families and tears apart entire communities. CHI is committed to building healthy communities through its national campaign, United Against Violence, to eradicate violence.

The Mission and Ministry Fund’s violence prevention grants are designed to help CHI’s affiliates strengthen existing programs or create new initiatives that address:

  • domestic violence
  • gang violence
  • child abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • crisis-intervention training
  • other areas of violence prevention

So far, CHI has provided more than $19 million to fund violence prevention programs.  A complete listing of violence prevention grants can be found the Mission and Ministry Fund Grants Awarded database.

Violence Prevention Grants

CHI’s violence prevention grant program includes working with colleagues across CHI and external experts to gain understanding of effective violence prevention initiatives.  Specific activities include:

  • Participation in education sessions.
  • Ongoing participation in a work group of CHI colleagues to develop specific criteria for Mission and Ministry Fund Violence Prevention grants, gain greater understanding of community-based violence prevention efforts and share knowledge and experience.
  • Working with the community to identify violence prevention priorities.

Violence prevention grant funds may be requested to cover the following costs:

  • Community-based planning
  • Conducting community meetings
  • Assessing community violence-related assets and needs
  • Continuing specific community-based violence prevention efforts
  • Other related activities 

Because this is a unique type of grant, staff and applicants work together to determine specific criteria through the notice of intent process.


Interested CHI facilities, joint operating agreement organizations, joint venture organizations, participating congregations and strategic partner organizations may submit a notice of intent to participate. The notice of intent form is included in grant cycle materials.  

Review Process

The first step in the application process for a Mission and Ministry Fund violence prevention grant is to complete and submit a Violence Prevention Grant Notice of IntentNotices of intent are screened by CHI staff leading the violence prevention strategic initiative and by the Mission and Ministry Fund Advisory Committee.  Applicants are notified if a full application for a violence prevention grant will be accepted.  Full applications are evaluated by the Mission and Ministry Fund Advisory Committee, which recommends Mission and Ministry Fund grant awards to the CHI Board of Stewardship Trustees.  The Board has full authority to approve or disapprove Mission and Ministry Fund grants.

Review the timeline for annual violence prevention grants

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